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What is Missing from Your Current File Storage Service?

What is Missing from Your Current File Storage Service?
Probably quite a bit. If your current file storage service provider lacks any of these, that should have you thinking about going elsewhere:

Control Over Sharing
As head of your enterprise, you want control over what data can be shared. In fact, you probably want control over the data can be viewed, as well as who can view it. A service like Dropbox may offer moderate security and basic access control for the onsite administrator, but it’s nowhere near the advanced control capabilities that Fortune 500 companies enjoy. If you want control of that caliber, you need an advanced file storage service that has the same licenses as the big guys (yes, like we do!).
A Security Guarantee
This is different than having control over sharing. This is a security guarantee you need to ensure that other tenants on the network cannot see your data. At drive2go, we offer secure multi-tenancy cloud file storage network, utilizing private keys that “lock” user data into isolation. This is different than what you get on Dropbox and Google Drive (Google file storage). They use shared keys that could compromise your security; we know better.
Another security advantage we offer over your current file storage service is that we only allow verified businesses to user our cloud file service. Unlike our competitors, we don’t take just anyone! This provides an extra layer of security you can’t put a price on.
A Return on Your Investment
Let’s be honest; quality business services are not cheap. Any file storage service is an investment, and you want to get a good return. At drive2go, we offer file storage that is manageable in your budget, and still yields good ROI. When you see that part of your budget shrinking, you’ll know what we mean.
If any of these advantages are missing from your current file storage service provider, contact drive2go to request a free, 30-day trial. We believe you will be impressed!

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What is Missing from Your Current File Storage Service