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What is Hosted Exchange Email?

What is Hosted Exchange Email?

And more importantly, why do you need it? Microsoft Exchange is the preferred server for business email; because it can handle thousands of accounts on a single server, the largest companies in the world can utilize it for internal email. Why would you ever consider using anything else? Costs, of course. To purchase a Microsoft Exchange server and host your own email is an expensive endeavor, and it can be difficult to synchronize folders and files. But there is an alternative: a Hosted Exchange, which we will describe here.

A Hosted Exchange is an email service powered by a Microsoft Exchange server that someone else owns; it is an alternative to running your own email service on a Microsoft Exchange server, for which you would have to pay thousands of dollars in licensing fees. To illustrate, here are some sample costs of purchasing and running your own Exchange:

  • Exchange Server 2013 Standard Edition: $699 for the license
  • Exchange Client Access License (CAL): $89 per mailbox!
  • Windows Server 2012 for your OS: $999 license fee
  • Minimum hardware to run Exchange: $6,000+

So for many companies, the primary reason to choose hosted exchange over hosting their own email service is to save money. A Hosted Exchange can bundle all of a company’s mailboxes into a single Exchange server, and the company only pays a single monthly or annual fee.

Another reason to choose hosted Exchange is capacity. If you run a small business with a couple dozen email accounts, do you really need to host your own Microsoft Exchange? The Exchange has the capacity to host thousands of accounts, and you don’t need that kind of horsepower. You simply need to pay for your little slice of the server, and that is the opportunity a Hosted Exchange provides.

A Hosted Exchange still provides for all your email necessities, a centralized e-mail server being the most important. One advantage is that all your mail folders, Calendar data, Contacts, Notes and Tasks are stored, integrated and backed up offsite in one central location – so everything stays in sync. Another benefit is the ability to synchronize all your data across multiple devices, which is made possible by Direct Push, Microsoft’s file synchronization function. If you want to check email, update your calendar or edit contacts from a laptop, smartphone or tablet, you can do that with a Hosted Exchange, because it can synchronize folders automatically.

These are the best reasons to consider a Hosted Exchange as your internal email service. outlook2go is a Hosted Exchange service that prides itself on providing secure, affordable email service to growing businesses. If you would like more information, contact outlook2go.

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