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What is Cloud Computing: The Simple Definition

Welcome to first preview of my book. Every 2 weeks I will post a preview of a chapter of “Cloud Computing Made Simple” due out Fall 2013.
The first chapter talks about clearly defining Cloud Computing. What it is and what it is not. There is a lot of confusion and misconceptions out there and this first chapter sets out to lay a foundation for the rest of the book. I call it “The Disambiguation of the Cloud”

“So what exactly does “cloud computing” mean? A lot of people ask me this and the answer is pretty simple. It’s a metaphor for the internet. Typically in a network diagram, the cloud represents the internet.

Cloud Computing DiagramEssentially all cloud computing means, is that you are doing your computing “somewhere on the internet or in the cloud icon on that diagram.”

Running applications over the internet is not a new concept, websites and web based applications have been around for years. Web applications such as salesforce.com or drive2go are great examples of this, also known as SaaS or Software as a Service.

The increase in bandwidth and internet availability, coupled with the advances in technology have enabled many more applications to be processed remotely.

With all these new options available for businesses and consumers, there has been quite a buzz. Combine the technology advancements with the “pay as you go” cost structure, and  you can see why cloud computing has made it increasingly more enticing for those who do not wish to make large capital expenditures or seek financing.  Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses to keep their cash reserves and not go into debt to advance their technology and infrastructure.”