Matt Dubois - Technology & Online Marketing | The Benefits of Hosted Microsoft Exchange Service
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The Benefits of Hosted Microsoft Exchange Service

The Benefits of Hosted Microsoft Exchange Service

Choosing a Hosted Exchange Service Provider to be your corporate email system is highly advantageous to businesses of all types. Here are some of the benefits of utilizing hosted Microsoft Exchange:

Employees can work from anywhere. Unlike a non-hosted, in-house email system that can only be accessed onsite at the workplace, a Hosted Exchange can be logged into from anywhere the employee has an Internet connection. This makes workers far more productive, and allows them to leverage their time in a way that favors the company.

There is plenty of storage space for data. If your organization generates substantial documents that must be shared on email (rather than the cloud, for example), Hosted Exchange Service Providers like outlook2go provide generous disk space, with mailboxes that are 25GB each. With a hosted mail solution like this, there is virtually no such limit on storage.

Integration is easy. When your email service is powered by Microsoft Exchange, you can integrate contacts, calendars, notes, emails and task lists into nearly any major smartphone, including iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone. That feature is important, with a large percentage of smartphone users accessing work email and documents from their devices.

Working offline is still considered “working.” Even when they are disconnected from the Web, users can work on email, edit their contacts, schedule their meetings and make changes to their files. Our outlook2go service synchronizes everything that is saved in offline mode.

Security is better, too. And isn’t that what’s most important? Businesses that lack a high quality IT department in-house need Hosted Microsoft Exchange for better digital security, with additional protection against spam and viruses. This is standard in a Hosted Exchange service, and it is something that non-hosted mail doesn’t include. Plus, a quality Hosted Exchange Service Provider will offer built-in tech support.

Hosted email Exchange services are the best possible communications solution for today’s data-driven businesses. To receive a free consultation that can answer your questions about this Microsoft Exchange email service, contact outlook2go today.

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